Land Acquisition

Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) is currently working with landowners to purchase property within the Lake Ralph Hall project boundary. We recognize that landowners have questions and concerns during the process. We have worked diligently over the last decade or longer to meet with each and every property owner affected to determine the best way to acquire the property necessary for the project, while still meeting the needs of the landowner.

With this approach, UTRWD has acquired approximately 95% of the land needed for the project. If your land is needed for the Lake Ralph Hall project, it is likely that you have already been contacted. If you have questions, feel free to contact our Manager of Property Services at 972-219-1228 or stop by our Lake Office at 10910 Hwy 34, just north of Ladonia.

In addition to the lake project, a new raw water pipeline is being built to carry the water from Lake Ralph Hall to UTRWD's system. Engineers have finalized the pipeline route. All affected property owners have been notified, and UTRWD is in the process of acquiring the necessary easements for this approximately 32-mile pipeline. While we know that installing a pipeline across your property can be disruptive, UTRWD has a great track record of working with property owners to lessen any impacts to the extent possible.

While UTRWD does have the power of eminent domain, we strive to work cooperatively with landowners and compensate them fairly when purchasing property or an easement and will only use eminent domain as a last resort. UTRWD is a public agency and can only use eminent domain to acquire property rights for public projects like Lake Ralph Hall.

Looking to purchase land near Lake Ralph Hall? Reach out to a local real estate agent to inquire what land is for sale.