Lake Ralph Hall will provide our region with a number of important benefits

Water for Our Future

As the population of Denton and Collin counties grows, so does its demand for water. While Upper Trinity Regional Water District's (UTRWD) members and customers continue to reduce water use per person, its 29 communities are growing at a rate that their needs cannot be met by conservation and reuse alone. For this reason, Lake Ralph Hall is key to our region’s continued vitality. It will provide water for generations, boost the local economy and continue to support the growing economies of the communities we serve.

Environmental Benefits

North Sulphur River is an excellent location for the lake; there are limited wetlands, a naturally deep channel, and no gas or oil wells.

Lake Ralph Hall and its planned environmental improvements will actually help reduce the impact of the continued erosion and restore portions of the original river channel to its beautiful and natural, meandering path. The Ladonia Fossil Park has been relocated to a temporary park on east side of FM 2990 and north side of the North Sulphur River.

Local Economy and Recreation

Lake Ralph Hall will also bring billions of dollars in economic benefits specifically to Fannin, Denton, Dallas and Collin Counties. Construction alone will provide significant financial benefits to the surrounding areas. After the lake is complete, fishing, boating and nature viewing--among other recreational options--will provide additional commercial and industrial opportunities to draw locals and visitors alike.

Water Ownership

UTRWD currently supplies its customers water from Lake Lewisville and Ray Roberts Lake in Denton County (by contract with cities of Dallas and Denton) and Jim Chapman Lake (by contract with City of Commerce) in northeast Texas. With the state permit already granted for Lake Ralph Hall, UTRWD now owns the rights to its own valuable water supply; Building the lake is helping UTRWD reduce its dependency on others. Once construction costs are paid, it will also yield long-term savings for our water customers.