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The Lake Ralph Hall Construction Project

Construction of the lake and its infrastructure will help supply water to a rapidly growing region. Following are the major components that are being built as part of Upper Trinity Regional Water District’s (UTRWD’s) Lake Ralph Hall project:

  • A dam, spillway and lake intake
  • 32 miles of untreated water pipeline and balancing reservoir
  • Roadway relocations/improvements and a new lake bridge
  • Lake office and maintenance facilities
  • Environmental improvements in specific areas around the lake, including restoring portions of the original river channel
  • Relocation of Ladonia Fossil Park to a new downstream location site still to be determined

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UTRWD continues to work with landowners to purchase remaining property needed for the project. We have worked diligently over the last decade(s) to meet with each and every property owner affected to determine the best way to acquire the property while still meeting the needs of the landowner.