Turning an Eroded River Channel into a Reliable Water Supply

Lake Ralph Hall will be one of Texas’ newest lakes and one of the state’s biggest water projects in the last 30 years.

Named after the longtime US Congressman Ralph Hall from Rockwall, the reservoir will be located on the North Sulphur River in Southeast Fannin County. The project is being built by Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) and will provide crucial water for an area whose population is projected to increase nearly five fold in the next 50 years. Construction of the lake is anticipated to begin in early 2021 with water delivery by 2025.

Click the icons in the graphic below for more details on each part of the lake project:

Roadway Relocations / Improvements and New Pedestrian-Friendly Bridge

Improvements and closures to certain county roads within the project area. Construction of a new, pedestrian-friendly SH 34 lake bridge and the relocation of a portion of Hwy 1550.

Untreated Water Pipeline and Balancing Reservoir

32 mile pipeline and balancing reservoir will deliver water to Upper Trinity’s water system for treatment and transmission to its customers.

Administration, Operation and Maintenance Facilities

Facilities related to the lake’s day-to-day operation, management and maintenance. A visitors’ center will be located at the administration office on Hwy 34.

Watershed Protection Areas

Areas left in their natural condition to protect water quality in the lake.

Reservoir – Leon Hurse Dam, Spillway and Intake Pump Station

Owned and operated by Upper Trinity, the new reservoir will provide an additional 35 million gallons daily (MGD) of water. The intake pump station will withdraw water from the new lake and pump it into the untreated water pipeline.

Ladonia Fossil Park Relocation

One of Ladonia’s most popular tourist attractions, the fossil park, will be temporarily located on Hwy 2990 during construction, and a new fossil park will be constructed downstream of the Leon Hurse Dam on Hwy 904.


Includes returning a portion of the North Sulphur River back to its natural, meandering path.


October 4, 2021

COMMERCE, Texas (KETR) - They’re building a lake in Fannin County. It already carries the name of a legendary Northeast Texas congressman, the late Ralph Hall.

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