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Contractor Information by Project Component

Dam and Spillways

  • Engineer: Freese Nichols, Inc.

  • Contractor: Granite Construction Company

  • Scope Includes: Dam; spillway; emergency spillway; outlet/intake structure; intake valves, piping and structure; dam and borrow area clearing

Roads and Bridges

  • Design Builder: Flatiron Constructors, Inc.

  • Scope Includes: SH 34 & FM 1550 relocations; improvements; adjustments and terminations of county roads; demolition of four bridges; removal of abandoned paving on SH 34, FM 2990 and FM1550; and clearing in roadway construction areas.

  • Construction, Engineering & Inspection:Lamb-Star Engineering, LLC

Environmental Improvements

  • Full Service Provider: Texas Mitigation Solutions, LLC
  • Scope Includes: Final design, construction, monitoring, maintenance, and adaptive management of environmental improvements through acceptance by USACE

Clearing and Demolition

  • Reservoir Area Engineer: Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
  • Scope Includes: Clearing and demolition of fences, structures and out buildings, along with disposal of debris, dumps, and scatters located within the footprint of Lake Ralph Hall. Jacobs is also designing the fishing jetty, boat ramps and supporting in timber harvesting.

Conveyance Elements

  • General Engineering Consultant: LAN

    • Scope Includes: Finalizing pipeline alignment, ROW survey and instrument preparation, mapping, preliminary design for pump station, balancing reservoir, and flow control station at Irving Pipeline, system hydraulic design (including surge), controls conceptual design, coordinate final design.

  • Pipeline & Balancing Reservoir Final Design:

  • Pipeline & Balancing Reservoir Construction:

    • Construction Manager at Risk: Garney Companies, Inc.

    • Scope Includes: Construction of Segments 1 & 2, Balancing Reservoir & Control Station for Irving Pipeline

  • Pump Station Final Design:

  • Pump Station Construction:

Support Facilities

  • Facilities Planning and Design: Halff Associates, Inc.
  • Maintenance Facilities Design: Freese and Nichols, Inc.
  • Scope Includes: Programming and design for Lake Headquarters, operations/maintenance facilities, and certain amenities
  • Facilities Construction: Procurement anticipated 4th Quarter 2024
  • Procurement/Contracting Method: Competitive Sealed Proposals/Conventional Design-Bid-Build

Quality Management & Assurance Team

  • Engineer: Kleinfelder, Inc.
  • Scope Includes: Supports UTRWD’s management of Lake Ralph Hall program and capital program capabilities, program maintenance deployment, miscellaneous planning, design and engineering services, inspection and other construction management staff augmentation.

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