Ladonia Fossil Park

Ladonia Fossil Park Relocation

The City of Ladonia Fossil Park has been located on Highway 34 a few miles north of the city on the North Sulphur River. The current location is closing to allow for the construction of Lake Ralph Hall. Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) is constructing a temporary park to allow fossil enthusiast to continuing hunting fossils during construction of the new reservoir. UTRWD is also coordinating with the City and other local leaders in selecting a new, permanent site downstream of the reservoir. By offering access to different locations on the river, the park relocations will provide opportunities for additional and untapped fossil discoveries.

See below for current updates.

Temporary Fossil Park

UTRWD has arranged for a temporary park to provide fossil hunters with access to the North Sulphur River while Lake Ralph Hall is under construction. The temporary fossil park will be located on the east side of FM 2990 and on the north side of the North Sulphur River. Follow the signs to the temporary park. See below for updates on timing.

Location of the Temporary Park:

New, Permanent Fossil Park

UTRWD recognizes the importance of the Ladonia Fossil Park to local community and visitors alike. UTRWD and the City of Ladonia are working with local leaders to select another spot where fossil hunters can continue to easily access the river bottom after the new reservoir is built. More information about the new park’s location and when it will be constructed will be posted on this page. Check back frequently for updated information.

Updates/Current Status:

Updates on the old park’s closure as well as the temporary and the new, permanent park will be shared before any changes occur. Check here (see below) and on the Lake Ralph Hall Facebook Page for updates. Safety is our number one priority during construction, so please make sure to observe all construction signs and avoid any restricted areas.

  • The current Ladonia Fossil Park on SH 34 will close late spring/summer 2021 in advance of the start of the new Hwy 34 bridge construction . Construction notifications will be posted in advance of its closure.

  • The temporary Ladonia Fossil Park is anticipated to open for public use in summer 2021. If possible, the temporary park will open concurrently with the closure of the current park.

Fossil Finds

UTRWD will be working with paleontologists from the Perot Museum to preserve significant fossils should any be found during reservoir construction. Preserved fossils could end up being displayed at the Lake Ralph Hall Administration Facility and/or at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.