Lake Ralph Hall will provide recreational opportunities

Once Lake Ralph Hall is filled and open to the public, the reservoir will provide North Texans with another new recreation destination. UTRWD is working with local officials to make sure that the lake will offer a whole host of new opportunities, including fishing, boating and nature viewing.

Recreation and construction together will bring significant financial benefits to the surrounding areas. The new commercial opportunities will draw locals and visitor alike, bringing additional revenue to Fannin, Denton, Dallas and Collin Counties.


UTRWD is already working to make Lake Ralph Hall a prime fishing location. Lake Ralph Hall will be stocked with a variety of advanced fingerlings (young fish about the size of a finger) as part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments’ Toyota ShareLunker program. While construction of the dam is underway, the Parks and Wildlife team are stocking a pond inside the reservoir footprint that will eventually become part of the lake. Introducing the adolescent bass and threadfin gamefish now will help them mature and establish a healthy population by the time Lake Ralph Hall fills up.

Construction crews are also strategically leaving some timber standing as they clear the future lake’s footprint. The standing timber will provide fish habitat, while cut timber will be collected for the Visitor Center and other local uses. In addition, crew members are creating fish habitat structures (like the one below) by arranging rocks, logs and brush into piles and strapping them down with steel cables and earthen anchors. These structures will ideally be 20-30 feet under the lake’s surface to provide ideal fish spawning areas.

Walking and Bicycling

The new bridge over Lake Ralph Hall isn't just for motorized vehicles. Visitors will be able to directly stroll over the lake using the bridge's 10-foot pedestrian walkway. The walkway will connect to the lake's administration facility / visitor center and other trails in the Ladonia area for activities like hiking and bicycling.

Boating and Sailing

Plans are underway for public boat ramps / docks around the future reservoir. The new bridge is being built taller to allow sailboats to float underneath.