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Untreated Water Pipeline and Balancing Reservoir

To move water from the lake, Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) is building:

  • 32 miles of 66-inch and 72-inch-diameter to carry raw water from the lake to the UTRWD system. This new pipeline will connect the reservoir to an existing pipeline that currently delivers water to UTRWD’s system from Chapman Lake (see below). This existing pipeline has enough available capacity to carry water from Lake Ralph Hall to the UTRWD system.

  • A balancing reservoir to provide separation between the pumped and gravity-flow sections of the pipeline. The balancing reservoir will be located between the new pump station and the delivery point facility, at one of the higher points along the pipeline.
  • A delivery point facility to control the flow of water from Lake Ralph Hall downstream into the Lake Chapman Pipeline.

Construction on the pipeline began in spring 2023 and is on schedule to finish in the summer of 2025

Photos of Work on the Pipeline and Balancing Reservoir: